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From the 20th to the 21st century

From climate to river flows

Floods and droughts

Evaporation, land use and feedbacks

Reconciling availability and demand

The legacy of WATCH

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WATCH was funded under the European Union’s Sixth Framework Programme and ran from

1st February 2007 to 31st July 2011

Summary for policy makers

Download PDF of the report (5Mb)

This site is an introduction to the achievements of the EU WATCH Project. It is aimed at policy makers and those with a stake in water resource management.

The Water and Global Change (WATCH) programme was an Integrated Project funded under the European Union’s Sixth Framework Programme. It ran from February 2007 to July 2011. For the first time it brought together the hydrological, water resources and climate research communities at an international level. Together they analysed, quantified and predicted the components of the global water cycle and the related water resources – for the present and for the future. They also evaluated the associated uncertainties, and clarified the vulnerability of global water resources within key societal and economic sectors. The contacts and friendships that were made during the life of the project will benefit water research for many years to come.  
The primary WATCH Outreach document is a 40 page printed report which is available for download (5Mb in low resolution). Its contents are the result of interviews with a selection of key researchers who worked on the project. Extracts of these interviews are available on the WATCH YouTube Channel, and are embedded within this site. This gives you the opportunity to hear leading researchers describe the successes of WATCH in their own words, and to hear them identify the challenges that lie beyond.
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